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Are you ready to get results in your core? 

I know you are a hard working, and probably a little tired, momma and you just want to feel BETTER in your tummy area again...
and not feel embarrassed if your kids or husband touches your  stomach, right?
Just imagine...
  • no longer feeling lost or overwhelmed on what to do to get rid of the post pregnancy belly that feels like play dough...
  • knowing what do to for your posture and the simple lifestyle habits to flatten your stomach & not make the lower belly pooch worse...
  • knowing what is safe to do to flatten your tummy in your workouts (so you aren't doing the wrong ones)...
  • feeling more confident in your body again...
  • having a plan giving you the steps on how to train your core correctly in doable way
  • not peeing in your pants when you sneeze or laugh


You deserve to know how to heal post pregnancy belly (the mummy tummy) and how to make the important lifestyle posture tips to help close your separation even better.

I know for me I was so CONFUSED on what I really needed to do after having kids, especially healing my ab separation to feel normal in my body again.
Here I want to wipe away any confusion for you and set you up for SUCCESS.
I give you an easy plan to follow that will help you find peace of mind that you are doing what is working to heal any ab separation, low back pain and end peeing in pants.  
I also want to help you build a better stronger body post baby and not try to get your old body back, but feel so great in your body now inside out.

Hi, I am Lori, and I am so thankful you are here.

I am a mother of 2 girls (both natural births in hospital).

I had large ab separation after my first pregnancy (which you can see in picture at one month PP I realized that)... I healed it.

I got pregnant again. Worked out smarter and strengthen my core better during pregnancy. 

I had a smaller ab separation after second pregnancy at 1 month PP and was able to heal my core faster.

I have stretch marks on belly.

I have a stretched out belly button and loose skin on belly

This is the exact program I did during my second pregnancy to come out postpartum with a smaller ab separation which made me happy as my biggest fear was dealing with another huge separation again.

I am a pre and postnatal specialists, spiritual fitness mindset coach, and co-creator of the Fit Soul Movement App.

And I want to help you along this incredible ride of motherhood & beyond while having a strong, functioning core.

Read more about my story here

Have you ever had thoughts like this:

  • I hate how my stomach looks. The little pooch that won't go away no matter how many crunches I do.
  •  I am tired of people asking if I am pregnant when I am 23 months postpartum? It's depressing.
  • I see a bulge when I raise my head, how do I get rid of this?
  • I am trying to figure out how to get my abs back. I am small framed and have this pooch in my tummy.
  • My kid jumped on my stomach and I felt pain around my belly button. I touched the location and the fingers seemed to go right through.
  • I am worried about making my ab separation worse.
  • I am 10 months postpartum and I have lost most of my pre-baby weight, but still, have a belly that left me looking pregnant and terrible back pain. I don't know what to do.
  • I can never get rid of the belly bulge no matter how many planks I do.


I understand I had a lot of those same thoughts as well as many of my clients.


Even with doing traditional "ab exercises" and working out you still seem to have this lower belly pooch that doesn't seem to going away?

I understand how hard it is to live with an ab separation if you don't know what to be focusing on to heal it.

Healing something like Diastasis Recti can be emotionally exhausting, physically embarrassing and even painful.

I am here to help make the healing journey a little less stressful for you.
Learn how to heal your ab separation post baby without SURGERY and get rid of that frustrating  post-baby pooch that doesn't go away when the baby weight does once and for all.

So What Makes "Retrain Your Core" Different?

Here's the thing.

Other fitness programs have you start doing exercises that actually do more harm than good.

Causing your tummy to take longer to heal and you still look 5 months pregnant.

Plus, they don't take into account lifestyle HABITS because every movement we do in every day life involves the CORE.

YOU NEED TO KNOW how to properly engage, stand, breathe, and move to protect and heal your core.

There are a few reasons why your core is not where you want it to be. 
Like poor alignment, diet, doing the wrong exercises, bloat, negative self talk and not realizing your every day activities can be hurting your results. 
And... no other program includes the MINDSET piece to healing.
If your mind isn't on board, your journey to getting a flatter tummy will be harder and take longer!
I want to help you intentionally create a stronger, healthier body after having kids.
It is possible.
I am here to show you how!
This is why I felt obligated to create this program to provide a safe place for moms to take care of themselves mind, body and soul.
And it doesn't matter how long it has been since having your child.
You can still heal your diastasis any time.

Retrain Your Core provides you with everything you need to succeed.


This is a real plan for real moms, like me and just like you. 

I keep things fun and REAL. 
I have created your postpartum blueprint.
When you join Retrain Your Core you become a Fit Soul Boss Mom for life.
As a fit soul boss mom you are joining a family that is so amazing, supportive and inspiring.


Why you need to address healing your Diastasis?

Aesthetics aside (yes, we all want to look good in our favorite bathing suit) your core connection helps transfers load through your trunk.
When the gap is too big or soft in the midline it becomes an ineffective load transfer point, resulting in back pain and SI join instability.
And no one wants to have pain, especially when we have kids to play with, pick up and live our life feeling good.
If you do the work. You will get results like the hundreds of ladies inside already have done.


Here is what moms are saying about Retrain Your Core:

I've been so excited about how my tummy has been responding to your core program

I don't really post pictures to stranger BUT the progress has been close to a MIRACLE after 18 months of struggling through depression, disordered eating, not wanting my husband to touch my stomach. The amazing thing is that for the first time since getting pregnant I can look down and FLEX and SEE my pelvic bone instead of a GIANT belly shelf. I don't flinch when my kids or husband want to cuddle...and I'm not constantly uncomfortable both physically and emotionally. Thank you so much. - Sara

My gab has closed on top, is 2 shallow fingers at the belly bottom

Reading your blog about crying with your sister when you found out you had DR made me feel like you understood the level of emotional challenge this journey has been. I only have a small pooch on my lower abs that is improving daily. That's one month from starting at 3-4 gap from doing your program. - Emily

I restarted your RYC program after family stuff derailed me, but I’m down 20lbs since starting and feeling so much stronger!!  -Danielle

I have started your exercises for separation and already I can feel a difference. Feels good. Thank you. - Aimee

You are so encouraging & genuine. So thank you . I do FEEL stronger, since doing the core workouts. Which is so good! I have also seen improvements in my strength, energy and confidence. Xo Lauren

This is the exact postpartum plan I did to heal my ab separation and get rid of my belly pooch after both pregnancies.


I was ALL BELLY for both pregnancies so my core strength AND

my daily life (like sitting, standing, sleeping, holding my child) were all very important in my journey.


Healing your diastasis is a whole mind body experience and I am excited to share it all with you.

 I created this online Diastasis Recti healing program specifically made for moms, just like you and me, who are...

  • Don't have a lot of time
  • Wanting to go at their own pace
  • Wanting to know exactly what to do to get RESULTS
  • Believe in the mind body connection

Introducing "Retrain Your Core"

An inclusive online program that gives YOU all the necessary tools, exercises, workouts, lifestyle and mindset tips to succeed

Join Now and Get IMMEDIATE access to:

6-Week Core Rehab 

  • 9 different core workouts that progress you safely
  • To help improve/maintain your transverse muscle function & strengthen your pelvic floor
  • To help close your ab separation postpartum to get rid of lower belly pooch
  • These exercises will also help ease low back pain
  • These core workouts take about 10 minutes so doable for all moms, even 5 minutes will be better than nothing
  • Core workout schedule
Start Today

14 Full Body Strength Workouts In Real Time

These workouts are designed for moms to do after they do the 6-week Core Rehab part of this program

  • ​All workouts can be done with kids around
  • No heavy lifting to keep you strong while protecting your core from extra pressure.
  • Workouts designed to heal your and close your ab separation
  • Workout schedule
  • Workouts in video format including a separate intro video for each workout
  • ​Printable workout sheets
  • No fancy equipment needed
  • ​All workouts can be done in under 20 minutes without leaving the house

Mindset Hacks

  • Positive affirmation meditation audios
  • Pdf of affirmations for mom life and strong core
  • Visualization technique to help you staying focused on your goal of staying closing your diastasis, strengthen your linea alba, have a strong functioning core 
  • Keys to success

Posture And Alignment Tips

  • Videos on how to sit, how to stand, how to get out of bed
  • How to pick up things and hold your baby
  • Posture tips and cues
  • Answering a lot of common questions like do you wear an ab splinter/binder


  • Modifications for advanced moves
  • Diastasis safe stretching routine
  • Steps of what to do next after this program to work out safely still
  • PLUS 10 additional home workouts for you to do from my first postpartum journey that I feel are great additional workouts to do after you are done with this whole program to keep advancing your core and body strength

Use On Multiple Devices. Anytime. Anywhere. 

  • Online course with private log in area and available App
  • Any program updates and access for LIFE.

    Access to an online platform functioning like an app on your laptop or mobile device

Equipment needed for this program:

I try to keep things simple as possible, but some helpful equipment included:

  • a yoga or exercise mat
  • a chair
  • resistance bands and resistance band loops
  • a little 8 or 9 inch inflatable mini exercise ball (or folded pillow or stuffed animal)
  • a stability ball
  • dumbbells

I have two ways you can work with me:

Get the online FULL Retrain Your Core postpartum program for just 1 payment of $99 but today you get it for just one payment for lifetime access of $59 
Get the BUNDLE option where you get my pregnancy online program and my Retrain Your Core online postpartum program to be fully supported during before during and after pregnancy for just 1 payment of $200 but today you get BOTH programs for life for just 1 payment of $99.

Go ahead click what option is right for you to get started today... 

Retrain Your Core


Top features

  • 6-week core rehab with 9 core workout videos
  • Workout schedules for both the core rehab and main workout section
  • Workouts "how to's" videos for each workout along with a printable PDF  
  • Posture and alignment tips to help with your healing of diastasis in your daily life
  • Postpartum diastasis recti stretching video
  • Tips on how to modify exercises
  • Lifetime access
  • BONUS ACCESS to my coffee and core mini course
  • Log in access from all devices including a mobile app option 



Most Popular

  • Access to My Purely Fit Pregnancy Program
  • Access to Retrain Your Core Postpartum program and core rehab
  • Lifetime access
  • Log in anytime. Anywhere. On any device including app option.
  • Tips on how to modify exercises and workouts during pregnancy and postpartum
  • Tips to heal diastasis recti postpartum
  • Lifestyle tips to help your healing postpartum journey be more fun and gain better results and have a safe pregnancy

I’ve created this diastasis recti healing postpartum exercise plan to:

  • Help put your mind at ease knowing you are doing the right things to heal your ab separation
  • Help you enjoy fully this special time of motherhood of having a baby
  • Embrace an active lifestyle by working out at home with minimal equipment
  • Be pro-active in engaging your core and connecting to it daily to keep it strong so you can feel good in your body while playing with your kids

What are you waiting for beautiful?


I would love to be with you every step of the way to ease your confusion and lessen your stress so you can have heal your diastasis and feel confident in your body again.

Soon you will be standing better, less back pain and flatter tummy with a working core. Again I am so excited for you.

Whether you join my program or not, I REALLY want you to know that you are 100% capable of doing this. You are stronger than you think.

Trust in your journey that you where lead here for a reason.

Welcome to your Retrain Your Core journey.
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Disclaimer: I can not guarantee specific results. I can only share with my personal practice around healing my diastasis and sharing new techniques I learn as a trainer. This is a practice that has worked for me and countless others. And I believe in it deeply. However, my attorney says I have to say this: I don't guarantee or warrant results or immediate results. Experiences of past students may not be typical for all students. Before beginning any program please discuss with your physician or midwife. As with any exercise program, if at any point during your workout you feel faint, dizzy, or have pain, you should stop immediately. You are responsible for exercising within your limits and seeking medical advice and attention as appropriate. This program cannot guarentee results. Neither Lori Morris nor Purely Fit Pregnancy or Retrain Your Core (nor any individual or corporations associated with the production and marketing of this program) assumes any legal liability or responsibility for any direct, indirect, consequential, special, exemplary or other loss, injury or damages that may results. Nor is there any guaranty, warranty or formal representation about the personal benefits of this program. You participate in this workout at your own risk.