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This is a magical experience. Each pregnancy is uniquely beautiful and different. 

Being pregnant can be exciting and yet also scary, especially if you suffered from diastasis recti (ab separation) after your first and fearful of it happening again or it being worse with being pregnant again.
I totally understand.
That was me! And I am here to help you.
Let's prepare you for the marathon of growing a baby and giving birth.
Just like you would train for a marathon you need to "train" for this.
Looking to stay active during pregnancy but don't want to hurt your core from suffering from ab separation from a prior pregnancy?
Wanting peace of mind that you, your baby and your core are safe during pregnancy and knowing that you are doing the best to exercise safely for a healthy pregnancy?


I want to help you stop worrying...
if you are doing the right or wrong exercises...
if you are going to get a bad ab separation after labor or not
Just imagine knowing exactly what to do and when... with a trainer who knows exactly what you are worried about.

 I want you to be fully confident in yourself during this magical journey so you know how to stand, sit, stay fit and active, stay energized and most of all keep your core strong.

**Note: majority of women will have some form of diastasis recti in 3rd trimester of pregnancy, that's completely normal and okay! This program is designed to help keep your whole body strong and core stronger with the goal for you not to have a large separation postpartum.

Hi, I am Lori, and I am so thankful you are here. 

I am a mother of 2 girls (both natural births in hospital).

I have stretch marks on belly.

I have a stretched out belly button and loose skin on belly.

I suffered from a severe ab separation after my first pregnancy, leading me to heal it then got pregnant again.

This is the exact program I did during my second pregnancy to come out postpartum with a smaller ab separation which made me happy as my biggest fear was dealing with another huge separation again.

I am a pre and postnatal specialists, spiritual fitness mindset coach, and co-creator of the Fit Soul Movement App.

And I want to help you along this incredible ride of becoming a mom & beyond.


Read more about my story here

Stay confident, fit, healthy and feeling your best during pregnancy with this doable mind body workout program.


Implementing the right workouts and taking care of your deep core muscles into your pregnancy workout plan can literally revolutionize your experience and help you out so much in your postpartum recovery.

Workouts you can do anywhere on your time in the comfort of your own home with me in my home (some videos you will see my daughter.)

Now what busy mom doesn't need that? Especially if you got other kiddos to run after.

YOU get full length workout videos where you're working out with me, so you are not working out alone.
I am with you every rep, every squat, every minute.
No gym necessary with minimal equipment!

So What Makes "Purely Fit Pregnancy" Different?

The mindset piece that I provide.

Why this is important?

So many other programs don't bring up the power of the mind. 

What I have learned and personally experienced if your mind isn't on board, it won't matter what you do & the journey will be harder.

I want to help you manifest an incredible pregnancy while keeping your body strong. It is possible.

I did it. So can you. 

You get full length workout videos and mindset work because I don't want you to feel alone moving your body and it is so important to have a strong positive mindset to carry you through tough times and manifest a wonderful pregnancy.

  • You can log into the program anytime, anywhere. Including APP access making it right at your fingertips.
  • You get workout schedules so you always know what to do at what trimester.
  • You get this program for LIFE which means you can use it every time you get pregnant. 
  • You get deep core workouts to do during each trimester.
  • You get simple lifestyle tips to keep you protecting your core safely

 I know how scary and exciting pregnancy can be. You don't have to do it alone. 

I want you to feel completely supported and know what to do during your pregnancy.

I have created your pregnancy (and postpartum) blueprint as I know you already have a lot to worry about us a mom. I wanted to make this part less stressful. I keep it real.

Here is what moms are saying about Purely Fit Pregnancy:

More love....

"I have been doing the pregnancy program and love it. Love how appropriate it is for pregnancy with the modifications. I feel good!" - Dr. Meghan Birt

"I followed your workouts prior and during my pregnancy. And love them by the way!" Jea Riggs

"I live in Germany and appreciate the tips. I am really enjoying the workouts. Your program is amazing. I really like that you guys (your sister and you) are 'real' people. I can relate to with the videos you made in your house. Thanks again for all your work!" - Franziska F

"You kicked butt Lori! You are an inspiration to other pregnant women aspiring to stay fit and healthy." - Eimear R

Join Now and Get IMMEDIATE access to:

30 Full Body Strength Workouts In Real Time

These workouts are designed for pregnant women where there is no jumping, no frontal positions and no heavy lifting to keep you strong while protecting your core from extra pressure.

  • ​All workouts can be done with kids around
  • Workouts designed to prepare you for birth
  • Workouts scaled for your trimester
  • Workouts in video format including a separate intro video for each workout
  • ​Printable workout sheets
  • No fancy equipment needed
  • ​All workouts can be done in under 20 minutes without leaving the house
  • A suggested pregnancy workout schedule for each trimester
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4 Core Breathing Videos

  • Different routine for first and 2&3 trimesters 
  • To help improve/maintain your transverse muscle function throughout the 9 months
  • To help reduce the risk of a severe ab separation postpartum
  • These exercises will also help ease low back pain

Mindset Hacks 

  • A positive affirmation meditation audios
  • Pdf of affirmations for labor & mom life to help keep your mind focused and positive
  • Visualization technique to help you staying focused on your goal of staying healthy & strong with good, safe labor 

Lifestyle tips

  • Videos on how to sit, how to stand, how to get out of bed
  • How to pick up things and hold your baby
  • Posture tips and cues
  • My birth plan
  • How I used essential oils


  • Stretching routine for labor
  • 2 active rest day routines that are low impact and slow to keep you staying strong. These are great for those days where you just don't "feel" like working out
  • What to do after baby is born


  • 8 additional pregnancy workouts for you. These were from my first pregnancy.
  • They are real time workouts with me in my home.
  • They come with an intro to each move and PDF.

Equipment needed for this course:

I try to keep things as simple as possible, but some helpful equipment includes:

  • a yoga or exercise mat

  • a chair

  • resistance bands and resistance band loops

  • a little 8 or 9 inch inflatable mini exercise ball (or folded pillow, or stuffed animal!)

  • a stability ball

  • dumbbells (or kettlebells for some but can use dumbbells)


I have two ways you can work with me:

Get the FULL online pregnancy program for just 1 payment of $99  but today you get it for just one payment for lifetime access of $59
Get the BUNDLE option where you get the pregnancy program and my Retrain Your Core postpartum online program to be fully support during both phases for just 1 payment of $200 but today you get both programs for life for just one payment of $99



Top features

  • Real Time Workout Videos with over 30 workouts you can do at home for each trimester.
  • Workout schedules for each trimester
  • Safe core exercises videos with breathing techniques  
  • Labor stretching video
  • Lifestyle tips to stay strong & healthy
  • Workouts "how to's" videos for each workout along with a printable PDF 
  • Lifetime access
  • Log in access from all devices including a mobile app option



Most Popular

  • Access to Purely Fit Pregnancy Program
  • Access to Retrain Your Core Postpartum program and core rehab
  • Lifetime access
  • Log in anytime. Anywhere. With mobile app option.
  • Tips on how to modify exercises and workouts during pregnancy and postpartum
  • Tips to heal diastasis recti postpartum
  • Lifestyle tips to help your healing postpartum journey be more fun and gain better results and have a safe pregnancy

Use Any Multiple Devices. Anytime. Anywhere.

Any program updates and access for LIFE.

Access to an online platform functioning like an app on your laptop or mobile device

Start today

I’ve created this pregnancy exercise plan to:

  • Help put your mind at ease
  • Help you enjoy fully these 9 very special months 
  • Embrace an active lifestyle by working out at home with minimal equipment
  • Be pro-active in engaging your core and connecting to it daily to keep it strong for labor and postpartum

What are you waiting for beautiful?


Journey of being pregnant can be one of the most precious and intense moments in your life. Use this program to add more awareness and guidance to make the most of this extraordinary experience to feel more confident and believe in yourself.

I would love to be with you every step of the way to ease your confusion and lessen your stress so you can have a healthy, fit pregnancy.

Soon you will be holding your little one. Again I am so excited for you.

Whether you join my program or not, I REALLY want you to know that you are 100% capable of doing this. You are stronger than you think.

You’re pregnant for 9 months, but a mom for the rest of your life.

Trust in your journey that you where lead here for a reason.

Welcome to your purely fit pregnancy journey.


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Disclaimer: I can not guarantee specific results. I can only share with my personal practice around healing my diastasis and sharing new techniques I learn as a trainer. This is a practice that has worked for me and countless others. And I believe in it deeply. However, my attorney says I have to say this: I don't guarantee or warrant results or immediate results. Experiences of past students may not be typical for all students. Before beginning any program please discuss with your physician or midwife. As with any exercise program, if at any point during your workout you feel faint, dizzy, or have pain, you should stop immediately. You are responsible for exercising within your limits and seeking medical advice and attention as appropriate. This program cannot guarentee results. Neither Lori Morris nor Purely Fit Pregnancy (nor any individual or corporations associated with the production and marketing of this program) assumes any legal liability or responsibility for any direct, indirect, consequential, special, exemplary or other loss, injury or damages that may results. Nor is there any guaranty, warranty or formal representation about the personal benefits of this program. You participate in this workout at your own risk.