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I've got a lot to chat with you about. 

I want you to know more about my pregnancy journey. I want my story to give you hope and motivation that you can get great results too. 

I am so grateful you are here. Thank you. I see you and I want to help you succeed with your pregnancy journey.

This is a little embarrassing to be sharing as a personal trainer.


I made some "mistakes" during my first pregnancy but now looking back I see everything as blessings.

As I have learned so much and that is why I am here today sharing this with you.

So you don't have to go down the long, hard road I did. 


Let me tell you a quick story about:

  • how I was clueless how to really workout safely while protecting my core the right way during my first pregnancy
  • how I knew I wanted to stay fit and active during pregnancy but didn't fully know how to exactly do that
  • how I didn't fully understand the importance of a deep strong core and pelvic floor for a safe postpartum recovery
  • when I realized I suffered from a 3 finger ab separation also known as diastasis recti after my first kid and then got pregnant again little over a year later and was so nervous about getting it again after second baby
  • how I figured out how to workout differently and smarter the second time around while running after a toddler and got better results

At the time I was trying to take BETTER care of my core during my second pregnancy without worrying...

if I was doing it right or wrong...

while taking care of my 18 month old daughter and husband while keeping a hot dinner on the table... and running my online business.

I was struggling with feeling truly confident in what I was doing was helping my core... constantly worrying if I would get a bad diastasis recti again...

or would it be even worse after second baby...fitting in the time to do the core work necessary to help.

And I was getting more and more nervous and scared with what would happen.

Then I had an epiphany: 

I realized my lifestyle habits and ...

how I worked out (frontal positions, too much jumping, etc) played a huge part in if I was going to get an ab separation again 

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Which meant I had to...

focus more on my daily habits and change what exercises I did in my workouts as well.

I learned a lot from my first pregnancy with...how I worked out and how I trained my core was a different and better the second time.

I didn't do much modifications in my workouts during my first pregnancy because I felt good, so why modify...


I realized even though I felt good doesn't mean that...  I shouldn't still make adjustments as my belly got bigger.

Plus I was NOT DOING ANY SPECIFIC CORE WORK  during my first pregnancy.

Another mistake I learned the hard way.

Second pregnancy I got smarter. 

I worked out differently and I trained my deep core muscles every day.

I felt amazing during my second pregnancy plus... 

 I had a MUCH faster labor and push time and better postpartum recovery.

And I didn't have as big of an ab separation postpartum this time... which was HUGE relief for me since that was one of my main worry during my second pregnancy.

**Note: majority of women will have some form of diastasis recti in 3rd trimester of pregnancy, that's completely normal and okay! This program is designed to help keep your whole body strong and core stronger with the goal for you not to 
have a large separation postpartum.
I was ALL BELLY for both pregnancies so my core strength and my daily life (like sitting, standing, sleeping, holding my child) were all very important in my journey.
As you can imagine, I was feeling little overwhelmed by all the things I needed to do...
but I wasn't ready to give up on my dream... of not having a large ab separation after second baby, that I was doing everything to have a strong core during and after pregnancy, that I was going to have another healthy and fit pregnancy.

Then I discovered deep core breathing .

At that point, everything changed!

I finally figured out how to:

  • Really connect with my deep core muscles properly to keep them strong to help prevent diastasis postpartum, have a better labor
  • Change a few simple lifestyle habits that made a huge difference 
  • Workout smarter that I wasn't putting any extra pressure on my growing belly but was able to stay fit during it while protecting my core

Because I discovered deep core breathing, I was able to:

  • Have extreme confidence in myself and my core strength
  • Enjoy my second pregnancy with less worry and stress 
  • Help other moms out there to workout differently to help protect their core and stay fit and healthy during their pregnancy to have a better labor and faster recovery

And that's why I'm so passionate about my "9 Month Pregnancy Home Workout Online Program " so you can...

 experience reducing the risk and worry of getting a large ab separation after second baby (or first, or third) , and go through your pregnancy not feeling alone and with less worry if you are doing everything to have a strong core during and after pregnancy.

I want you know that it is possible for you to have another healthy and fit pregnancy too! 

Or experience a safe and effective pregnancy with your first child too. 

Ready to get started so you can have a fit, healthy pregnancy with a diastasis recti safe program?

Today is the day! Let's do this!

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