Workout Anywhere, Anytime And Grow Closer To Jesus


If the traditional route of diet and exercise plans has failed you or you catch yourself being obsessed with your body, exercise, and food, and you’re ready to invite the Lord to lead your journey, we want to be your personal trainers!

Or maybe you a Jesus-loving fitness girl and you love HIIT workouts, and you are looking for a non-intimating community to work out for God, this is the place!

This fitness & faith program is for Christian women who want to have a better body image, gain muscle tone while strengthening their relationship with God.

Here we equip you to stay rooted in the Word while getting stronger physically and spiritually in the comfort of your home when it fits your schedule!


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Our aim is to provide fun, sustainable, and challenging programs to help you meet with Jesus and grow deeper in your walk with Him through our faith-infused workouts and Bible studies.

This isn't your average fitness program. Nope. Here we combine our love for fitness and God in one place.

Move Life Faithfully is your home base to get stronger in your physical bodygrow in your faith, and be spiritual warriors.

We're here to help guide you with prayer, read the Bible with you, and provide you with specific workout programs to keep you in step with the Spirit and using your workouts as a way to praise Him and to go deeper with God.

Here we encourage, guide and support sisters of Christ who want to get fit and healthy without the obsessions and who desire to keep their eyes on Jesus by being in the Word.

Did you know that taking care of your body is honoring God?

“So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God” 1 Corinthians 10:31 (ESV)

Let's make it a habit of exercising and reading the Bible to glorify God.


Just imagine encountering Jesus every day in your workouts and Bible studies to live out your faith with more confidence... if you are willing to do fitness and wellness in Jesus' name we invite you to join our community. 

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Faith-Filled Home Workouts (play video to learn more):

  • ​Short effective workouts that fit into any busy schedule.
  • All workouts can be done at home, even with kids around.
  • Workouts are a combo of HIIT cardio + strength + deep core work that work your FULL-BODY so you can tone your body in less time.
  • Choose from a variety of follow along videos ranging in length from 10 minutes to 16 minutes, where you can pick and choose the workouts based on the time you have.
  • No super fancy equipment needed (dumbbells, resistance bands, mini exercise ball, jump rope, kettlebell, and chair) ** You do not have to have the equipment to do the workouts.
  • Get the exact daily workouts we do. Plus we share workout schedules for you to follow.
  • Custom programs for you to follow from providing you a workout schedule along with Scripture to go with it. New programs are coming soon inside like Move with Faith (program created for beginners), Power and Prayer (for those who want to go deeper in prayer life with powerful workouts), and more.
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Bible Study Videos (play video to learn more):

  • Come learn and have fun reading the Bible with us. Right now we are reading the Book of Matthew. We go chapter by chapter with you to help you meditate more on the Word and deepen your understanding so you know God better.
  • Access to our personal Bible study sessions and how we study the Bible.
  • Plus we do extra recap videos where we discuss even further some key concepts we are taking away to apply in our own lives. As the more you read and understand the Bible is key to knowing God and it will change your relationship with Him forever.
  • Each Bible Study is a recorded video where you can watch, pause and rewatch as much as you need.
  • Let's read God's LIVING Word together and deepen our faith one chapter at a time. We living a corrupted, broken world and NOW it is so important to stay in the Word daily to stay connected to our HOPE - Jesus.

Wait! You get bonuses too (play video to learn more):

  • Access to the scripture and prayer audios that we listen to while we work out with you, to help us meditate on the word more and to help you remember who you are in Christ.  You get as mp3 files so you can listen throughout the day.
  • Access to weekend mobility + core routines. Easy workouts to do on your rest days or to incorporate into your weekly fitness routine to balance out the higher intense workouts inside the program.
  • Access to our 4-week HIIT home workout Bootcamp (under 20-minute full-length workout videos with scripture to focus on that day, journal questions with each workout and carb cycling guide).
  • Access to His Strong Children program for moms to do with kids. Lori's desire was to be able to share with other moms her personal workouts and Bible studies that she does with her two young girls. This program is designed for moms to see how she is teaching her kids all about our great God and to invite you to bring your kids along as we are in it with you!  It is very real, casual and fun. 

Join Your Move Live Faithfully Sisterhood

Helped ground me and lean into my purpose... 

“I really like the varied workout lengths. The workout routines have just really helped to ground me. Helped me to really learn what is my why and lean into my purpose. Making me my best self.” ~ Dani F.

All life-changing for me ...

“I like having the variety with the workout lengths. And I am reading Matthew with you girls. I had always read a random verse a day, but thanks to you I am studying the Bible again the way I last did in my catholic high school days. This is all life-changing for me. I'm teaching my girls what I'm learning and I want to join my church choir. I want to use my love of singing to help glorify Him and sing His praises, literally. You girls are an inspiration." Julie R.

I love it!

"I am always telling my Christian girlfriends about your workout program!  I love it!  God tells us to fill our eyes and ears with his Word constantly and so it is so wonderful that you have verses playing during the workouts and beautiful prayer and reminders and support before and after the workouts.  Thank you!"  ~ Jess

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  • Access to the FULL Move Faithfully faith workout program
  • Access to the FULL Live Faithfully Bible study on-going fellowship
  • His Strong Children program - kid workouts and kid real-life Bible studies
  • Bonus: Core mobility workout routines and HIIT to Fit Bootcamp
  • Log in access from all devices including a mobile-friendly app 

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Hi, we are your Christian trainers & sisters in Christ, Michelle and Lori

We're so glad you are here!

We love Jesus and love sharing what He is teaching us in life, fitness and health.

We are here to encourage and motivate you to step out in faith to be the person God created you to be.

We are just two everyday girls doing our best to seek Jesus in all that we do to become more like Him in the midst of everyday life things.

We pray you will find great encouragement and guidance here to seek God and trust Him above all. We pray that our Fit Faith fellowship brings you closer to the Lord.

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Disclaimer: We can not guarantee specific results. We can only share with our personal experiences and understanding. We are not experts in Bible study. We are certified, personal trainers. We don't guarantee or warrant results or immediate results. The experiences of past students may not be typical for all students. Before beginning any program please discuss with your physician. As with any exercise program, if at any point during your workout you feel faint, dizzy, or have pain, you should stop immediately. You are responsible for exercising within your limits and seeking medical advice and attention as appropriate. This program cannot guarantee results. Neither Purelytwins, Lori and Michelle (nor any individual or corporations associated with the production and marketing of this program) assumes any legal liability or responsibility for any direct, indirect, consequential, special, exemplary or other loss, injury or damages that may results. Nor is there any guaranty, warranty or formal representation about the personal benefits of this program. You participate in this workout at your own risk.