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Simple deep core exercises and mini coffee chats to help you jump start your journey to flatter looking tummy

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Looking for core exercises that will help strengthen your core, reduce back pain and give you more confidence in your tummy again?

Let's prepare you for training the core the right way so you get results.
Whether you are a mom or not, having a strong core is very important for every day life and reduce lower back pain.

Inside Coffee and Core, I give you simple exercises so you don't have to worry about whether or not if you are doing the right or wrong exercises to get rid of that lower belly pooch. 

Core exercises for the every day real women who wants to feel stronger in her core.
Just imagine knowing exactly what to do and when... with a trainer who knows exactly what you are worried about.

I gathered a few of my best private coaching calls that I did LIVE with my Retrain Your Core postpartum clients and wanted to put together a short course to help more women off on the right path to tightening up their core correctly.

This is great for moms (who previously suffered from diastasis) or women in general who want to have a collection of different core moves to keep their core strong, to prevent any more ab separation and end peeing in pants.

Feel better in your CORE in 30 days or less.

These exercise videos will help keep you maintaining good core strength for life.

You will learn basic starting techniques for engaging your core better, ribs down and good breathing to get the most of your core work.

Aim to do one video a day to maintain core strength along with daily life good alignment.

BUT don't think these core workouts are just for moms that want to heal diastasis 

These workouts are for any women looking to strengthen her core and have a flatter looking tummy.

You will see Michelle, my twin sister, in some of the workouts with me doing it. She didn’t have diastasis. She doesn't pee in her pants. She can do exercises without a bulge in her belly. 

We all need to keep our core strong. It's not all about having 6 pack abs.

It's about having a strong core that helps you move in your daily life with less pain & helps with stability...like getting out of bed, walking, bending over to get something out of your purse, carrying grocery bags in both hands.

These core exercises focus on the transverse abdominis. These are the muscles that hold in your organs (we don't want them just flop out there, because they don't work as well, we don't want that) and create the shape of your abdomen.

Even though Michelle didn't have ab separation she did notice her lower abs having a pooch.

Keeping your core strong will lead to you feeling stronger in your workouts...which leads to better movement and better results. 

Hi, I am Lori, and I am so thankful you are here. 

I am a mother of 2 girls (both natural births in hospital).

I have stretch marks on belly.

I have a stretched out belly button and loose skin on belly.

I suffered from an ab separation (diastasis recti) after my pregnancies and healed it.

I am a pre and postnatal specialists, spiritual fitness mindset coach, and co-creator of the Fit Soul Movement App.

And I want to help you along with having short routines to keep your core strong.

Read more about my story here

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12 Different Deep Core Strength Workouts In Real Time

These workouts are designed for women to strengthen their deep core muscles on a daily basis.

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Workouts designed to keep helping you engage your deep core muscles better so you get better results

Workouts in video format

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Tips For Core Breathing and Posture

  • Teach you how to engage your core correctly 
  • To help improve/maintain your transverse muscle function 
  • These exercises will also help ease low back pain
  • Tips on handling being sick and coughing with protecting your core
  • Tips on how to stand up and how to pick something up off floor
  • Answer questions like can you do planks again and how to tell if linea alba is strong


  • Positive affirmations
  • How to visualize to get the body you want
  • Food workshop for food mindset shifts
  • Importance of self-care and self-love
  • Power of the mind 

Use Any Multiple Devices. Anytime. Anywhere.

Any program updates and access for LIFE.

Access to an online platform functioning like an app on your laptop or mobile device

Equipment needed, but not mandatory

  • Exercise mats
  • Resistance band loops
  • Mini exercise ball

Coffee & Core Course


  • 12 core videos focusing on strengthening your transverse abdominis so your tummy is stronger and can help with making tummy look flatter
  • Short coffee chats sharing tips for core strength and motherhood
  • Log in on anytime, anywhere on your time. Online program plus mobile app option so you have all the workouts at your fingertips.
  • Get any updates for free

See what people are saying...

"... tone up and stronger in my core"

I appreciate all that you share and do. I've really enjoyed the workouts and it's helped me tone up and feel stronger in my core. Thank you. ~ Samantha W

"...seen a huge improvement in core strength!"

I just wanted to let you know that I have seen a huge improvement in my core strength since I started your exercises. I feel my core getting stronger each day.  ~ Jennifer A

What are you waiting for beautiful?


Whether you join my mini online program or not, I REALLY want you to know that you are 100% capable of doing this. You are stronger than you think. 

Trust in your journey that you where lead here for a reason.

I wanted to create an afforable DIY option for those who need some guidance on healing their ab separation and strengthening their core but might not be able to pay for my FULL postpartum diastasis recti healing program, Retrain Your Core. 
Welcome to your jump start journey to a stronger core. 
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Disclaimer: I can not guarantee specific results. I can only share with my personal practice around healing my diastasis and sharing new techniques I learn as a trainer. This is a practice that has worked for me and countless others. And I believe in it deeply. However, my attorney says I have to say this: I don't guarantee or warrant results or immediate results. Experiences of past students may not be typical for all students.Before beginning any program please discuss with your physician or midwife. As with any exercise program, if at any point during your workout you feel faint, dizzy, or have pain, you should stop immediately. You are responsible for exercising within your limits and seeking medical advice and attention as appropriate. This program cannot guarentee results. Neither Lori Morris nor Purely Fit Pregnancy, Retrain Your Core, Coffee and Core (nor any individual or corporations associated with the production and marketing of this program) assumes any legal liability or responsibility for any direct, indirect, consequential, special, exemplary or other loss, injury or damages that may results. Nor is there any guaranty, warranty or formal representation about the personal benefits of this program. You participate in this workout at your own risk.