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Join our movement of helping women of faith from all over take care of their bodies that God gave them with love, grace and consistency while growing in faith by being in the word daily. Here to help you move with faith daily and grow closer to God.

Move Faithfully

Our signature program with app version available. Access to our personal workouts that take 20 minutes or less with minimal equipment and join us for our bible study where we are reading the Bible together. Plus access to workouts that are young-kid friendly and kid bible studies with Lori and her two girls.



Retrain Your Core

Lori's postpartum program to heal any ab separation (Diastasis Recti) and workouts that are safe to do to gain your strength back after having babies. Access to your exact program she did after both her kids to get stronger, flatter tummy and get rid of lower back pain and peeing in your pants from weak core.

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Purely Fit Pregnancy

Access to Lori's exact pregnancy workouts that you can do at home and core workouts that she did to help prevent her from having a large ab separation postpartum and to workout safely during pregnancy to help with labor and recovery.

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We share our life, faith, beauty, & wellness. Plus Lori shared her journey of being pregnant and healing diastasis. 

Over the years we drifted away from God and we feel into false teachings and new age practices like law of attraction.

Jesus opened our eyes and now we are sharing our journey back to God!

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