Lori and Michelle.

Twins. Entrepreneurs. YouTubers. Podcasters.

Faith-led. Fitness and spiritual wellness coaches.

Creators of the Fit Soul Movement APP where we help you move with faith.

With the grace of God we've been able to overcome so much lives and we now we get to help you do it too.

Welcome Fit Soul Boss.

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Join our movement helping women of faith from all over the world love their bodies, crush self-doubt, overcome negative self-talk, feel beautiful inside out, increase their faith & become everything they were created to be by God.

Twins TV

See our videos chatting manifesting, self-love, beauty (acne/eczema), wellness, diastasis and much more to help you love your body, heal your skin, and intentionally create a life you love.

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Fit Soul Boss Podcast

We get real and vulnerable as we reveal all of our top mindset and wellness insights, tips and stories so you can improve your self-talk, crush doubt, improve confidence and love yourself more to be inspired to take action to live your best life.

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We share our life, tips, and much more to help women stop obsessing over their bodies, get FIT in all areas of their lives (body, mind and soul) to rediscover their worth and unlock their true potential.

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You're fearfully and beautifully made by God. We welcome you to our online family of #fitsoulbosses

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